Haval Dosky

Haval Dosky

This website is dedicated to Haval Dosky and Repeat Consultants, LLC. Haval Dosky is proud to be the co-founder of a company that has grown tremendously in the years since its inception. This website provides a history of Repeat Consultants, LLC, and it will further serve as an outlet for Haval Dosky to provide feedback for fellow entrepreneurs.

When Haval Dosky co-founded Repeat Consultants, LLC, he understood many businesses were actively searching for network infrastructure services and IT workforce solutions. He understood, however, that many businesses were unable to afford inhouse IT and telecommunications solutions. Futher, he understood that an equal number of businesses had trouble finding candidates who could meet the company’s unique needs. He made it his mission and Repeat Consultants, LLC’s mission to provide IT and telecommunications solutions to any business in need of his company’s services.

Haval Dosky and the Repeat Consultants, LLC team work tirelessly to attract the best IT and telecommunications professionals in the industry today. The pool of talent that Repeat Consultants, LLC presents can help businesses with every aspect of IT and telecommunications workforce solutions.

Information technology intersects with almost every industry in the 21st Century. Repeat Consultants, LLC works with both commercial and federal clients who demand information technology experts with diverse skillsets. Professionals in the IT industry understand that their tasks vary greatly from project to project. Mr. Dosky helps businesses to assemble a dedicated IT teams to tackle an array of projects. Repeat Consultants, LLC can design custom strategies tailored to rise to the needs of both Fortune 500 Companies and small businesses.

Haval Dosky and his team have a track record of designing, implementing and running complex telecommunication projects as well. Haval Dosky and Repeat Consultants, LLC specialize in assembling telecommunications teams tailored for a given company’s specific project. Repeat Consultants, LLC has the expertise to recruit and assign telecommunications team members, such as Project Managers, Field Technicians, Protocol Stack Developers, Commissioning and Integration Engineers, Real Estate, Logistics Personnel and more. When telecommunications services are in demand on a given project, Haval Dosky and Repeat Consultants are ready to deliver.

Repeat Consultants, LLC was founded on a commitment to excellence and with a vision to fill real needs for countless businesses across America. Haval Dosky focuses on this commitment to excellence. Haval Dosky’s vision helped to usher in a period of fantastic growth for Repeat Consultants, LLC. Through this website, Haval Dosky will provide insights into strategic decision making. This website will help entrepreneurs navigate the tricky climate of mergers and acquisitions.

Be sure to check back often for posts geared toward helping business owners turn their creative vision into a reality.