Haval Dosky on How Connecting Your Business to a Local Charitable Organization Can Be More Beneficial Than You Realize

Haval Dosky

Haval Dosky’s career as a leader in the IT sector with Repeat Consultants has been marked by several forays into charitable giving and volunteer work. Haval Dosky believes volunteering for, and giving financial support to, a charitable organization has many intrinsic benefits for one’s business and, more importantly, for the people that the organization is designed to help. Still, Haval Dosky doesn’t think some businesses fully realize how beneficial contributing to charity can be – because of this, he thinks businesses and charities alike are leaving a lot of organizational potential on the table. In order to spread awareness of the hidden benefits seen by both sides when business are active in charitable giving, Haval Dosky wishes to use this article to break down some of those benefits.

In his career, Haval Dosky has spent a great deal of time building and coming to understand the true nature of some of the more intangible facets of business that are quite vital to success, like employee morale and teamwork. Even in smaller businesses and offices, it can be difficult to find the time to interact with employees whose responsibilities are unrelated to yours. Volunteer activities on behalf of charitable organization can strengthen bonds within your business’s infrastructure and give employees an opportunity to interact as regular people outside of usual business endeavors. The teamwork that  volunteer work requires can also improve the quality of your business’s own output, as well as its output in future charitable efforts. If volunteering on behalf of your business is successful in engendering feelings of connection and positivity in your employees, they may even be inspired to donate time or money to charity in their individual capacities. To take internal company connection to the cause of charitable giving to the next level, when your company is evaluating which charities to focus on next, employee opinion polls are a great and easy way to give your team a sense of ownership and control over the endeavor. This can further connect your team and positively impact your efforts overall.

Another benefit to contributing to charitable organizations that accrues to both businesses and charities is that the activity itself naturally boosts publicity for both sides in a way that can avalanche in a positive direction. While Haval Dosky believes that altruism should always be the primary motivation for donating to charity, the reality is that by sponsoring or volunteering, one can generate awareness for the cause and set an example in the community. Many charitable organizations, especially local ones, stay small and suffer from meager funds because people are simply unaware of either the cause or the organization itself – it’s not from a lack of interest in helping by the general public. When people see that others are putting in effort towards a given cause or organization, the idea is contagious. If your business has a track record of generating even a meager level of press, you can help organizations that suffer from a lack of attention relative to more famous institutions and causes. This can have a multiplying effect because your help can spur more help by getting other important donations beyond your own. As an entrepreneur that frequently gives back to the community, Haval Dosky recognizes how important it can be to lift others into the spotlight to establish their own powerful platform for outreach. By backing charitable organizations whenever you can, and approaching the task with intentionality and purpose, you can create a positive feedback loop via positive publicity and press.

The direct help charitable giving can provide to those in need is staggeringly important and should never be discounted. However, the hidden benefits like those mentioned in this article are not to be ignored, and these are just two of many. Haval Dosky believes the maxim, “’tis better to give than to receive” is more than just a moralistic slogan – giving back truly creates much more value than the direct-level assistance one normally associates with charity.

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