Thinking about Becoming an Artificial Intelligence Professional? Helpful Guidance and Career Options from Haval Dosky

Haval Dosky and the Repeat Consultants, LLC team are always on the lookout for the next generation of dedicated professionals in the emerging technology industry. As graduation season ends and high school graduates use their last summer of freedom to decide what they want to study in college, Haval Dosky thinks artificial intelligence is a great path to choose and therefore wishes to break down some of the critical steps to follow to jumpstart a career in the field.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Haval Dosky believes that choosing an AI career path provides much more job security than most careers in the modern economic climate. The continued adoption of AI in different industries has demand for AI professionals rising steadily. While there is a general fear that AI will replace human jobs, AI professional jobs are not among the professions at risk. To the contrary, there is a growing need for people who understand how to operate and build artificial intelligence, and as AI usage grows, so will the job market.

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Before deciding to enter a career in artificial intelligence, Haval Dosky recommends understanding the most popular job roles.

Robotics Scientist

A robotics scientist creates robots for a wide range of tasks and works to improve their function in later versions. If this kind of work appeals to you, Haval Dosky recommends majoring in either computer science or engineering, as these are core competencies forming the building blocks of the job.

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is like a data scientist, using vast quantities of data and programming skills to create AI that can teach itself. Machine learning engineers must have serious software skills and be willing to spend long hours at the computer, because they work with truly massive datasets.

Business Intelligence Developer

One of the biggest emerging careers in artificial intelligence is a business intelligence developer. These developers work within a company and use the data it creates to identify problems within the organization, and then create solutions. Because business intelligence developers have proven to quickly pay for themselves by increasing a company’s profitability and efficiency, the role is growing at a high rate.

Haval Dosky encourages everyone who has a passion and wants to pursue a career in artificial intelligence to go for it. However, a person must be prepared to stay in school beyond their bachelor’s degree. After earning a Bachelor’s in computer science or mathematics, a person will need to go on to earn a more specialized master’s or doctoral degree. Fortunately, by the time a student graduates, they usually have a better grasp on the type of AI job they want to pursue. After acquiring internships and learning more about what these jobs actually entail, it will become easier for young AI professionals to identify the proper career path.

If you are serious about joining the workforce in the field of artificial intelligence, be sure to come back to the blog of Haval Dosky often, as it is regularly be updated to provide further information that young professionals can benefit from.

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